From The Dog Bowl

Food is the ultimate source of health for every dog. If you have ever wondered if potatoes are good for your dog or hunted recipes to get your bratty puppy to eat his chicken or tried this is the perfect place for you. We bring you all the information about doggy food right out of the dog bowl.

Coconut Cake with Abbie

Coconut Cake of Instant Drool!

Coconuts are God’s best creation after Dogs! So, it’s natural they are made for each other. The benefits of coconut based food on a dog’s health are numerous and diverse. And the best way to pack all that into one drool pool creating dish is a 100% Grain Free Coconut Cake!

Sharing your food with your dog

Can My Dog Eat My Food?

Sharing your food is the ultimate act of kindness and bonding. While it might be true among humans, it may not be wise to let your dog eat your food. Definitely not unless you are aware of which food items are safe for your dog!